Thursday, April 15, 2010

tahoe residence

we try to design experientially.

as we design, we tend to walk through the structure and imagine how the materials, the space, the light quality... how it would all feel as you inhabit the space. our main mode of design expression, however, is always visual, utilizing only one of our senses.

at the tahoe residence, we were able to put in a system of glass doors that can open the entire wall. to sell this idea to the client, it is all about the view... the unencumbered all important VIEW. so at the site yesterday, i decided to throw open the doors to get a photo of the view. i expected to be overcome with another sensation, that of cold, with the weather rushing through the 130 square foot opening in the wall. i was pleasantly surprised that the overwhelming sense was instead aural. it was just about noon, and the lake was quite choppy. the sound of the waves was the overwhelming sense that filled the space.

i tried to capture the roar on video (below), but i think i will have to do it again, opening the doors so that you get the contrast of the silence to sound.

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