Monday, July 13, 2009

reFresh 090713

i have been doing a little research on spiritual space for a project we are working on and came across this nice site (it is called infrastructure for souls, subtitled 'tracing the parallel histories of the american megachurch and the corporate organizational complex')

urban living for animals in leeds

the home project has uploaded to youtube

mackintosh's glasgow school of art still the reigning favorite

one half the world's population lives or works in buildings constructed of earth

planned obsolescence or psilocybin seating: here's a stool designed to biodegrade (with living mushrooms)

a nice collection of steel houses, california modern style

gapminder: unveiling the beauty of statistics for a fact based world.

fast company's ten most creative people in architecture. not my ten, mind you. discuss amongst yourselves and get back to me.

vito acconci is rethinking his studio business model due to the economy. aren't we all? this hints he is closing his architecture side.

the berlin wall gets a makeover

come on steelcase. really? do we need this?

frank buchwald's amazing machine lights

why is there talk of shutting down california's parks due to budget?

F** this, new york - a site that allows the public to upload to a map things that need fixing (thanks, roach)

a render artist for some of the top starchitects debuts his own site

concrete that lasts 16,000 years?

nice article on urban farming

i believe louis kahn said "an artist can make a wheel square. an architect must make it round" kahn was not of the bauhaus

and a dutch cruiser

this has nothing to do with what i normally blog about, but come on.... it is inhaled chocolate

did you know mir-hossein mousavi is a painter and an architect? the last building he designed is shown here

will new mexico get the first spaceport? also here, designed by norman foster (thanks, gong)

for the brutalist on a budget: wallpaper that looks like concrete

how does netflix do it? pretty much by hand

map of the world's resources by country

yet another top ten of architecture, the rock concert

and another... top ten cities in comics

a nice article which disputes the myth that frank lloyd wright had his buildings full blown designed in his head

seriously? bodibeat purports to create playlists that help your workout by synching the music to your movement.

a phenomenal video recorded by fans across the globe through webcams (thanks, cat)

our good friends at odopod have upgraded their sketch application and are featuring a gallery of works people have saved over the years

where to stay in southern france? try cabins that open to the stars with carre d'etoiles

looks like a nice documentary is being made about samuel mockbee and rural studio

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