Thursday, February 18, 2010

temporal art, territorial pissings

a good friend, jon chester, recently posted this video regarding a recent spat that has occurred due to banksy altering an existing work of graffiti by robbo.

so i had to do a little research. it didn't make sense to me that banksy would blatantly taunt or abuse an historic work of graffiti. here is what i found.

i have no idea how accurate these photos are, or of their timelines, but i have ordered them in a way that seems to make sense.

the original work by robbo...

then, as described in the video, the original work by robbo after quite a bit of tagging. most blog entries i've seen do not show how far the tagging had gone. they don't show in particular this photo which documents the pink figure which covers a good deal of the original:

so, then along came banksy:

the image is clearly of a worker applying wallpaper, the image on the wallpaper being graffiti, robbo's work. finally, along comes "team robbo"

so at this point, ALL of the original robbo tag is gone from existence. the fact that the new work is tagged as "team robbo" leads me to believe that robbo is not the author of the new piece at all.

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