Friday, June 5, 2009

reFresh 090605

3-2-1 contact. hip hop architecture... smart video with a lot of insider references for architects... for instance the duck

architects have been advocating forever that your surroundings affect feelings and behavior. neuroscientists are backing it up more and more. here's a brief article on the subject in fast company.

urban nouveau was invited to travel to india by an NGO to develop an affordable housing scheme. they chose to do so collaboratively with potential inhabitants. 

need a big wall to project images on, but don't want it to block views? use fog.

doesn't look so bad until you push the play button. then it's a really bleak version with graphics like missile command. (thanks, doug)

the 100 most creative people in business, according to fast company.

and since #1 is ives, i just decided to point out the inspiration...

got a spare $7.75M? you can buy frank lloyd wright's la miniatura.

ecological surfboards, made entirely out of wood.

architects called out by human rights group for working on exploitative projects. (from lebbeus woods blog)

lou romano includes several of his image boards for the movie "UP"

nice photo collection of old UFO looking buildings in taiwan

a classic.... finn juhl

what happened to obama's office of urban policy?

seriously... this site has been needed for some time now. (thanks, gong)

dr. no's review of the new cooper union building by morphosis.

some nice buildings up there, eh?

this recession is hitting hard. architects are being creative with saving on living spaces. two examples:

a sneak peek into la dogana

approval has been secured for the US' largest solar power plant

a nice interview with alejandro pinol, complete with gorgeous photos

the leaning tower of abu dhabi has reached its halfway point

the high line in new york opens this month. the sundance channel is running a nice series of video stories.

want to feel inspired? check out the finalist videos for the earth awards.

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