Tuesday, May 26, 2009

subtlety at sfmoma

rosana castrillo diaz
has a new piece at sfmoma.
it is 90 feet of white leading visitors from the main building to the new rooftop sculpture garden.

i'm not sure i would call it a painting. maybe the world's flattest sculpture. it plays with texture and reflection. an essay in white, the image changes with the viewer. as you move through the space, the image on the wall changes due to the viewer's angle, the light reflection (or non reflection) bringing forms to the fore or causing them to recede.

i first saw castrillo diaz' work at anthony meier fine arts, and i was struck immediately. tape "drawings" which again weren't drawings or paintings at all, but a flat sculpture of loops of tape... and more conventional pencil drawings of rubber band balls or stacks of paper on end so highly detailed, i imagine it took her over 100 hours to get the shading just right (take THAT napoleon dynamite!) i can imagine the process being one of ridiculous rigor, trance inducing contemplation.

at the meier show, everyone was there for her work. not so at sfmoma. what i witnessed there: her work is such a whisper that many people don't "hear" it. 

so, if you go to the new sculpture garden at the top of sfmoma, be sure to take it to the bridge. 

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