Friday, February 27, 2009

reFresh 092713

eVolo sponsors an annual skyscraper design competition (conceptual). here are this year's winners.

david byrne's blog has an interesting, if somewhat scathing, entry on hong kong

for fans of crop circles

i knew i was contributing to a higher spiritual purpose all this time

a nice photo essay of people at work

a very extensive article from the new republic regarding the challenges to prefab (thanks, gong)

dr. NO's favorable review of d+s remodel of lincoln centre

the amazing design collaborative, droog, opens a store in new york

current favorite light fixture

current favorite rocking chair

what may be the next wave of architectural challenge... what to do with all those failed big boxes?

30 years building a model of herod's temple, and still not finished

connecting the toe to the football... proposal for the world's longest suspension bridge

for fans of metro stations, here are the world's "ten best"

san franciscans: last night the presidio trust released their latest plans aimed at scaling back the proposed guest lodge and fisher's contemporary art museum. fisher has apparently submitted new renderings to john king at the chronicle exclusively. those are not here. WARNING: clicking on the following link downloads a 10MB pdf from the presidio trust. DOWNLOAD DOCUMENT

a four minute video to help you refresh/reset. "everything is amazing and nobody is happy" (louis ck on conan obrien)

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